Mulu’s music really spoke. It sang. The passion, the energy, the movement and weight, all on display. As I’m sitting here typing this, listening to the tracks, that’s what I think about. It’s not quite right to say that I admire it, I have so much admiration for it. He writes and bops and moves in a way that you feel his message…his pain, his frustration, his longing, his joy.” - Noah Lheureau

Pittsburgh Creative Collective

Photo By:Black Tortoise

Photo By: Abe

Photo By: Cole Rager

A Mulu Bio

With A decades worth of performing under his belt, M.U.L.U is a story-telling M.C from uniontown, PA with a stage presence that could make small shows sound like a packed house, and could make a packed house feel like an intimate hole in the wall gig. Where others turn up, M.U.L.U causes you to tune in and vibe out to the soulful instrumentals, and thought provoking lyrics. Don't get it twisted though..He will step out and make sure you're still awake with a solid Boom Trap feel and energetic call and response.-Mulu 

There’s a moment on the album you should all hear for yourselves. But I’ve just got to mention it here: Lu Lament.” - Noah Lheureau

Pittsburgh Creative Collective

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