Smoke Break Blog


I feel like a mutant with newly discovered powers.. 

Destroying things in my path by accident.. 

They stare at me like a monster.. 

Like they have it figured out.. 

Teach me how to reel in the energies then.. 

Otherwise..shut your damn mouth.

Mulu Missing?! 

To Whomever Still Reads Blogs...

Idk where I am..

Truth be told, Idk if I'd tell ya'll if I knew. 
But if I had to explain it though, It'd be Like the end of the Iron Giant..

You know the part where he plays chicken with a Nuke and gets scattered across the earth.? 

The Journey has me just that...S c a tt er ed

If only my head was disconnected next to a Mic with the setup attached......


Sometimes life sits you down when you feel your momentum was just starting to climb But, what I've learned, is that When moments like these occur on the journey that it's life, God, the universe, or whatever entity you choose to rock with. Telling you to get your head out of your ass and observe..

Until what is needed to be learned to move forward you remain stagnant. 


Idk if it's the upside down, the in between or if Mulu is dead and this is just purgatory with a computer..

But what I do know is there is unreleased Mulu to be heard..and I think that whomever is holding me captive...Does NOT want that music to get out. 

But before I say too much and the person monitoring this comes to try and pry this keyboard from my hands...

Stay tuned..Be Easy..and Share the Music.